Brenda Hoffman Photography Process

Wedding photography is about you, your story, your day, your emotions, your memories and ultimately your marriage. I want to photograph more than just another wedding.  I want to photograph your unique story, your once-in-a-lifetime moments.

With an experienced and personal understanding of the wedding day process and my deep love for marriage (mine and yours), I want to celebrate together.  With my unique blend of creative skill and technical expertise and, most importantly, my understanding the people are the most important part of this, you’ll have confidence in knowing that your treasured moments will be wonderfully captured and cherished for a lifetime.

My Style

Your Story & Emotions + Dynamic Lighting + Creative Intuition tuned into you = Timeless, finely-crafted images to cherish for a lifetime.

During the interview process, my goal is to find out what makes you a couple.  How you blend together to make the love story that has begun the journey of a lifetime.  As one who has been married for 23 years and counting, I am so excited for you and want to foster more than just a one-day, vendor/client relationship.

With my lighting director by my side, I make time stand still and capture moments that may have gone unnoticed or soon forgotten.  All-the-while using the creative flair and technical skill to give you publication-worthy, timeless images with a variety of candid, artistic and photo-journalistic moments.

I am located in Grand Haven, Michigan and have an office at 41 Washington Ave #335, Grand Haven, MI. I have served brides from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.

Certified Professional Photographer


Common questions

How do I know if you're the photographer for us?

That is an excellent question!  Your wedding photographer is the one person with whom you will spend the most time on your wedding day.  It has to be the perfect fit.  To start, let's schedule a no-obligation consultation to just chat and get to know each other.  In the meantime, you can take this brief survey to see if we're on the right track.  You also can learn more about me here.

What is included in your collections?

I offer collections that include wedding day coverage with a lead photographer, a skilled lighting master, engagement session, digital files and an heirloom album and print credit.

Are you insured?

Absolutely!  It's for your protection as well as mine.

How Many Wedding Photos Do We Get?

This is one of the most asked questions I get from brides and grooms about their wedding photographs. How many wedding photos do you get?   The answer is a simple one but one that may not be really the answer you’d expect.  You’re going to expect a number but I can’t give you a number.  You will get the photos that creatively tell your story.  What will that number be?  Who really knows before the day plays out?

So my answer to “How many photos do we get?” is this:  As many as it takes to tell your story well.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Make sense?  Will that work for you?

What communication will we have with you?

"Hands-on Photographer" would be a good description of me.  I will work with you throughout your planning process.  Periodically, you will receive correspondence from me seeking info about your day.  These are very important in helping me serve you best.  We will meet prior to the wedding to finalize timelines and locations and we will meet again after the  wedding to finalized your album design.

Why do you photograph weddings?

This one is easy...and sounds a bit goofy. But...weddings make my heart sing!  My techincal expertise with posing and lighting is utilized during the whole day and my ability to read people and their moments get some good exercise as well.  Weddings are one of the few times that my unique combination of creative flow and technical expertise can play well together.  The result for you?  The fun of looking back through your album and feeling those emotions all over again while knowing you looked your very best.

Do you bring a second photographer

For weddings that are 8 hours or more, I bring a well-skilled lighting master with me who will may photograph during the ceremony and assist the rest of the time.  Their goal is to help me get all the coverage you need in a manner that is meeting with my standards and vision.   So yes, you get two people.  The main goal is for you to have a final product that is not only cohesive but beautiful throughout.  More info here:

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