Portrait Session FAQ

Portrait Session FAQ

Common Questions from Portrait Clients

Q. What do we wear to our session?

A. Clothing is very important to the final result of your wall art.  A few general guidelines are:

  • Wear clothing that coordinates or compliments your surroundings.  Bright fushia and neon green will be jarring to the image and you really want the focus to be your lovely faces and not the clothing
  • Sleeves are good!  Ladies are especially sensitive to how their bare arms are photographed so sleeves solve that issue.
  • Avoid tight patterns or stripes as these can be distracting.  Solid colors are great!
  • Coordinate but not necessarily match with others in the group
  • Wear clothing that makes sense in the setting.  Unless you’re in a wedding, formal attire in the woods doesn’t really work as well.
  • Here are some visuals to help: https://www.pinterest.com/bhoffmanphotos/what-to-wear-to-your-session/
  • Ladies – if you’re amply blessed, a v-neck top is helpful.

Q.  What are the steps for portrait client?

A.  First we meet together to plan your session. At this initial meeting is where we can start to anticipate how you will display your photos.  Next comes the actual session.  Following your session (in about 10-14 days) we meet again to reveal your photos and plan the design for displaying your photos.  Finally, 2-3 after your reveal/ordering session, you will receive your portrait products. A more detailed description is found here.

Q. How can we prepare for the viewing?

A.  The viewing is the time for selecting your photos and the products you would like.  Please have all decision makers accompany you to this meeting as that is when your purchases are made.  I recommend leaving small children at home because these sessions take 60-90 minutes and you will be able to more fully concentrate without any distractions.  Please allow yourself enough time to choose without feeling rushed.

Q.  What else can we do to prepare?

A.  Take 2-5 photos of your walls where you anticipate hanging your portraits.  First, tape an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper to the wall.  Then stand as far back as you can and take a photo showing as much of the wall as you are able.  Send it to me as soon as you can and at least 48 hours before your viewing session.  The photo to the right shows a sample wall.  Yours should will just have a piece of paper instead. 11x14print

Q. What types of payments do you accept?

A.  I accept cash, check, credit card and if needed, payment plans.

Q.  How do I care for my products?

A.  I will give you instructions for each type of product, whether it’s a canvas, framed photo or album.  I am available any time you have questions and should you forget.

Q.  How long do the products last?

A.  All products are archival quality, which means your great-grandchildren will have them to enjoy.

 Q. What do you charge?

A. Session fees are $200-$350, depending on the type and come will a 100% satisfaction guarantee.