Your Story – Grand Haven Wedding Photographer

Your Story – Grand Haven Wedding Photographer

Your Story

First date, first kiss, first embarrassing moment…they all make up part of your story.  As you think of them you can’t help but smile as you remember the sites, sounds, and even smells from those precious moments that are part of your very special and unique story.  There was “yes” to the first date, and now a “yes” to the “will you marry me”.  How very exciting for you.  Congratulations!


Now you are planning on your big day that pivots your relationship to the “til death do us part” of your life.  You have said “yes” to a date and said “yes” to a venue.  Now it is time to say “yes” to a photographer.

Here’s what is key

You’re marrying this person because you love them, you care for them, you FEEL excited when they’re around.  Shouldn’t your wedding photos reflect those feelings?  As you look back on your wedding day through your captured moments, do you feel you’re going to be touched by the standard poses or will you more likely be moved by those moments that captured and conveyed everything you felt that day?  If it’s the latter, then I am the photographer for you and you are the couple for me. Give me a call today at 616.405.3142.