Most Important Question to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Ask your wedding photographer?

Recently I went through a list of questions that I have been asked time and again.  Brides and grooms come in with their binder or excel spread sheet with a list of questions because places like have made very “handy” lists on what to ask. But what should you really ask your wedding photographer?

Honestly, though, every full-time wedding professional should be able to answer those questions with ease.  Then what?  You’re back to square one with all wedding photographers looking the same.  Is your wedding going to be the same as everyone else’s?  Of course not!  You can easily answer how your wedding is different.  You should also be able to answer how your wedding photographer is different and  fits into your day.  So go ahead and ask me:  How are you different?  I will gladly tell you!  Just give me a call.  616.405.3142. (or if it’s late night, you my use my contact form)

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