Private Barn Wedding | Trufant MI

Trufant, MI Private Barn Wedding – Geoff and Kristen


Ceremony Location: St. Robert of Newminster Parish 

From the bride and groom:

About the Venue

Due to Covid we could no longer have our wedding reception at our originally planned venue. We had to figure out a plan B. A friend of a friend owned a wedding barn in Trufant. We looked at the barn and immediately fell in love with it. We loved the idea of having a rustic outdoor barn wedding. 

About the Dress

My dress was one of the first ones I tried on. I knew it was the one because I immediately felt like a princess when I was wearing it. It was nothing like I ever expected my wedding dress to look like but in the end it was the absolute perfect dress for me! 

About our traditions/fun activities

We loved the tradition of not seeing each other until walking down the aisle at the church. We loved the excitement and anticipation of this. We loved that we included our dog in some of our wedding photos. We arranged for her to meet us at our photo stop at the Ada covered bridge. 

About working with Brenda Hoffman Photography

Brenda was amazing to work with from Day 1. We really appreciated her fun and enthusiasm. She made sure to capture all of our special moments from our wedding day. I knew there was nothing to worry about with Brenda behind the camera! 

Most memorable moments

Every second was memorable but I especially loved dancing under the stars with all my husband and all my family and friends around me. 

Advice for other couples

Even though it is hard to keep it smaller, Covid forced us to keep it small and I enjoyed the smaller and more intimate wedding. It is your wedding and not anyone else’s so do it exactly how you want even though many people have their own input. The different, outdoor, barn wedding was above and beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. 


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Jon Carson Videography

Posh Petals

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