Best Wedding Advice Ever

Best Wedding Advice …Ever

Has nothing to do with photography

I am beginning a series of blog posts with wedding advice that have nothing to do with photography but are aimed to help brides and grooms on their wedding day..  Be sure to subscribe (using the form to the right of this post) to get more helpful tips.Now on to the advice:

No More Questions! Wedding advice - no questions

Several years ago I was at the wedding rehearsal for a family member and have heard the best wedding day advice I have heard before and since.  And the little tidbit didn’t help me as an attendee, it helped the bride and groom.

As we all had arrived and were gathered around to begin receiving our instruction for how the rehearsal would go, the officiant called the gathering to order.  One of the very first things he said put a stop to a lot of possible frustration and anxiety for the already excited and slightly anxious couple.  I don’t remember the exact words anymore but I remember the gist of it and it has been shared with all my wedding couples since:

“Gather round everyone.  Attention please.  I need everyone’s attention”….(quiet ensued)….”From here on out, no more questions from anyone are to be brought to the bride and groom”.

You see, the officiant knew that while well-meaning, one simple question is not just one simple question. I personally may only bring one question but what if all the attendees at the rehearsal had just one question.  Do the math…how many people will be at your rehearsal?  There’s the wedding party, his family, your family, etc.  That’s a lot of questions!  In no time at all it could all become very overwhelming to the bride and groom and adding undue stress on the already highly excited couple.    It may not be an issue for that first person or even first five people to ask their question of the lovely couple but what if you’re the 15th person to bring a question…just the sheer quantity of questions in such heightened state of emotions.  Even the calmest of temperaments may have a slight tinge of curtness in their voice which could be easily taken wrong.  Then what happens?  Hurt feelings?  That’s the last thing most people want going in to their wedding day!

So what do you do with those questions?Wedding Stress

There are questions that the participants in a wedding inevitably have questions.  What time do I have to arrive tomorrow?  Where are the guys getting ready?  Do you want this item in this location?  What is the plan for the flowers afterwards?  Who is lighting the candles?

The Solution

My next post will delve into what we were told that day as a solution to our plethora of questions and options that any bride and groom can implement.  Stay tuned…. part 2


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