Best Wedding Advice – part 3

Best Wedding Advice – Part 3

In my final installment of the Best Wedding Advice Series, I would like to share with you the “what to do” counterpart to the “what not to do” portion that began the series.  Part 1 was what NOT to do.  Part two was one solution – with good and bad examples.  This is part three and I believe it’s the best solution.

I have mentioned that the best wedding day advice was the given by the officiant at the rehearsal.  He told all in attendance to not bring any more questions to the bride and groom.  That their Master and Mistress of ceremonies were there to answer all the questions and implement the plan that the bride and groom had set forth.

As I mentioned in my last post, the Master and Mistress of ceremonies is a HUGE job for anyone whom you ask to take on these responsibilities.  I have seen both the good and the bad of these situations.  From the ones that coordinate the entire day to the ones that completely drop the ball once the reception started (and the guests ended up leaving early because of it.)

The Best Solution

The best solution, in my opinion, is to hire a wedding coordinator.  I know this may seem like something you don’t really need at first blush.  Especially if you are the type of bride and groom that like to take care of details.  But, let’s be honest…how many weddings have you planned successfully?  This is the biggest day of your life.  Do you really want to bear the burden of getting it all planned and implemented?  OR….wouldn’t it be great to know that on the day of your wedding, there is someone there to put your plan into action?

What does a Wedding Planner do?

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to wedding planner/coordinator services.  There is certainly an option for nearly every couple.  Just on the day of alone there can be a multitude of tasks that you can just gleefully hand-off and you can just enjoy your day.  What a concept! Ha!

Think about it…someone to:

  • keep you on schedule
  • receive all deliveries
  • direct & supervise
  • greet guests and direct them to ceremony
  • cue musicians
  • gather and line up wedding party
  • perfectly time the bride to come down the aisle
  • steer guests to the reception
  • organize reception entrance (this goes wrong way too often!)
  • oversee reception activities
  • take care of gifts at reception
  • pack and route reception accessory items back to their proper place
  • and on and on …

You get the idea.  So if you realize you’d like to just enjoy your wedding and let someone else handle the details for you (and perhaps help you plan the details before the big day), then give my friend Cassie, at White Dress Events a call and she will happily meet with you to make your dream day happen.

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