Bridal Survey Results – You’ll be surprised!

In attempt to put my finger on the pulse of today’s brides, I ask brides and brides-to-be to share with me via a very brief survey the thing they considered to be most important for their wedding day. With a choice of items from food and cake to the reception and dancing, and several other items in between brides were actually unanimous in selecting of one item.  I really couldn’t believe it but when I went back and double checked, sure enough, all the respondents had one item in common.

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So not to be one to drag it out, here are the results:

What is most important to brides for their wedding day? Bridal Survey Results

  1. Celebrating with family and friends  – 100%
  2. Marrying their best friend – 72%
  3. Groom seeing them for the first time – 45%
  4. Photographs – 36%
  5. The ceremony – 27%
  6. Feeling like a princess for a day – 18%
  7. Flowers – 9%
  8. Cake, food, dancing, venue, reception – 0%

I appreciate you all responding so very much.  I hope the results encourage you because no matter how the day goes, what your budget is, how the weather turns out, what little details go “wrong”, etc., etc., etc…Yes, you will spend a lot of time on the other “stuff” but you can can certainly enjoy “celebrating with family and friends” no matter what.   How cool is that? 


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