Bride’s Special Dance

A Bride’s Special Dance

Allison walked herself down the aisle.  A strong person no doubt, met her mother at the end of the aisle to be “given” to her groom.  Having only passed away mere months before this bride traveled down the aisle, Dad was “present” throughout the day. She had a charm on her bouquet with his photo in it.  Another photo frame was placed prominently for all to see during the ceremony and reception.

But there was a moment that his presence was poignantly missed.

The “Father/Daughter” dance

I struggle to express the story of this bride’s special dance.  Tears flowed so hard for this sweet bride (and I’m sure many others – including me) as Allison’s brother took the dance floor with her in place in their father who had passed only months before.  Even with two brother’s, it’s obvious to everyone that no one can fill her father’s shoes.  Tenderly the dancing for the first half of the song with her brother, quietly letting the tears roll.  And then..

A surprise came

When is was time for her to switch to the other brother you could see the visible shock on her face as he backed towards her.  You see, he had pulled a t-shirt over his wedding garb that said “May I have this dance?” and on the front of the t-shirt was a photo of her father.  That’s when the tears really began flowing.  It was such a sweet, simple, special gesture meant to share love to their sister and acknowledge that they, too, loved their father and he was very much missed.  Blessings to you, sweet Allison.  I will always remember that dance.


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