Buzz’s Lakeside Inn Wedding – J & A

Buzz’s Lakeside Inn Wedding

Buzz’s Lakeside Inn was the perfect setting for this sunny summer wedding.  These two were the epitome of love birds…so much enamored with each other that I almost felt intrustive taking their photos.  I barely gave them any instruction for their portraits and they just melted into each other.  Thank you J & A for allowing me to be part of your special day.

The moment that made the day

Every so often I take an image that makes me realize why I do what I do.  And this wedding provided me one of those very unique moments.

This couple were so tender and sweet with each other during their first look, each shedding tears of joy and anticipation.  There wasn’t a dry eye among the nearby bridesmaids!  As the groom kept taking a step back, holding his bride’s hand to not let go, but needing…wanting to just look at the beauty before him and take it all in.  He gently brushed her tears away, held her close and appeared to not want to let go.  When they did step back he ever so gently readjusted her diamond necklace, not letting any detail escape his loving eyes.

During the ceremony the two exchanged their own unique vows.  The bride tearfully made it through her heartfelt words as she drew on the strength of her groom.  As the groom held the paper in his hands that contained the ever-so-tender words that he penned for the one that stole his heart, he was having trouble speaking as the tears once again welled up in his eyes.  That is when the moment happened that gives me pause and realize that yes, this thing, I do, photographing weddings in 90 degree heat, is what I was meant to do.  You see, during those tender, tear-filled moments when her groom was struggling, the bride reached over with her hand and gently but firmly grasped his hand.  These two, bonded together forever, give each other strength and courage.  I pray for many more moments like these for these two.  May their marriage be blessed and a blessing to them both.


Wedding Details

The day was sunny and bright…and hot!  But the cool breeze coming off White Lake make Buzz’s Lakeside Inn ideal for the day.  RediRental provided the ceremony and reception set up.  Weesies flowers provided the GORGEOUS bouquets, boutonnieres and other decor. And reception music was provided by Dance Tracks DJ Service.  The bridesmaids dresses were from J Crew and the men’s tuxes were from Generation Tux.  The bride’s amazing gown was by Anna Maier was from Hitched in Washington, DC.

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