Photographer’s Camera Failed During Wedding!

Photographer’s Camera Failed During Wedding!

What now?

As a photographer in today’s wedding we happily click away throughout the day as we see the events unfolding.  We look for the expressions of joy, the nervous laughter and the sentimental moments.  We are bit like investigators, looking for the story of the day. All with the intention of ending up with a beautiful wedding albums for the couple to cherish.   There’s a good mix of photojournalism along with classic portraits throughout the day and night.

All the activity stops for nothing, especially not the photographer.  The day must go on.  There are no “do overs”.  No rescheduling for weather, tardiness OR EQUIPMENT FAILURE.  This is someone’s very special day and as their photographer, I am their one chance to preserve their memories for not only them but their family and friends, too.

But things CANGear and DO go wrong!

On this particular day, the weather was cooperating well and everyone seemed to be running on schedule.  The flowers showed up on time and in the right color.  No one got lost trying to find the church.  The flower girl didn’t have a melt-down.  The bride’s hair and make-up were perfect.  The groom’s tux fit well.  Everyone was happy and things were all going according to plan.

All was well until that moment, during the ceremony, no less!!…when while pressing the shutter on my professional grade camera…NOTHING HAPPENED!  No click, nothing. I looked down on the lcd control screen and it was blank.  I knew the two batteries were fresh as I had just begun my day.  I tried to turn it off and back on again.  Still nothing.  So what did I do? Eh…no biggie…just reached for the other camera that I was carrying.  It wasn’t stuffed in my bag as a backup.  It wasn’t in the car “in-case-of-emergency”.  It was on my shoulder.  hardly a blip on the day’s events.  With my two cameras on my shoulders…one on each side…I may look a bit like a photography version of Rambo, but I am prepared for “what if”.

Nothing less for my client’s

Nothing less than being prepared for as many “what ifs” as I can for my client’s.  It’s their special day.  I will do all in my power to capture it.  I will worry about the expensive paper weight the next day.

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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