Your Day, Your Emotions, Your Story

That is what your wedding day photos will encompass.  It’s all about you and your moments.  What story do you want to tell?  What moments will be captured forever and be the ones you treasure forever?  Approaching your day with a creative, photo-journalistic, candid approach, you will not only have finely crafted memories to share and treasure, you will truly enjoy your wedding day rather than worrying if the photos will turn out.

Magazine worthy wedding photography

And to add to the story that unfolds naturally, we will take a brief journey together to get you amazing, magazine-ready, creative editorial images.  With a lighting director by my side, I make time stand still and capture moments that may have gone unnoticed or soon forgotten.  All-the-while using the creative flair and technical skill to give you publication-worthy, timeless images with a variety of candid, artistic and photo-journalistic moments.


Your Photographer

An international award winning, certified professional photographer with work published nation wide in both print and online.

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Victoria & Joseph

Making our day even more special

Our photographer did a excellent job on our wedding pictures!  She captured every moment. She’s also very professional. I could go on and on about how great of a photographer she is. We thank you Brenda for making our special day even more special. If you’re looking for an amazing photographer I recommend Brenda Hoffman, you won’t be sorry.  We just love the work you did. We have been getting so many compliments. All we keep hearing is “omg your photographer did such a amazing job”

Shawn & Erin

Our story in her photos.

Brenda is a wonderful photographer and my wife and I loved working with her throughout the process of our engagement and our wedding. She took lots of time to sit down and talk over what we would like and what she can do to make the day even better. Then when we ran out of ideas, she was there to help us imagine new shots. During the wedding and reception she got many many wonderful photos and we didn’t even see her get to all those places to take the shots. Her professionalism was astounding as she worked to always keep in mind what she had talked to us about and how she could express our story in her photos.

Teesie & Isaac

Book Brenda if you can!

Book Brenda if you can! Brenda did our engagement session in two different locations with some challenging lighting situations and she handled them with ease. She has some very fun tricks she used to get us laughing and she caught so many amazing, natural-looking shots as a result. She does a great job of capturing the depth in the photo, and really makes you look good by making the photo pop. On top of that, she encouraged us and made us look forward to married life even more by telling us how much she enjoys her marriage.Brenda goes way above and beyond the call of duty. If you can book her, do it

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How do we know if you're the photographer for us?

That is an excellent question! Your wedding photographer is the one person with whom you will spend the most time on your wedding day. It has to be the perfect fit. To start, let’s schedule a no-obligation consultation to just chat and get to know each other.

What is in your collections?

I offer collections that include wedding day coverage with a lead photographer, a skilled lighting master, engagement session, digital images and an heirloom album and print credit.

Why do you photography weddings?

I believe that each couple deserves wedding images that portray their unique bond. I believe marriage is the most intimate of all human relationships and I want to celebrate yours with you.

What communication will we have with you?

“Hands-on Photographer” would be a good description of me. I will work with you throughout your planning process so you have no anxiety over the unknown. Periodically, you will receive correspondence from me seeking info about your day. These are very important in helping me serve you best. We will meet prior to the wedding to finalize timelines and locations and we will meet again after the wedding to finalize your album design.

How many photos do we get?

This is one of the most asked questions I get from brides and grooms about their wedding photographs. How many wedding photos do you get? The answer is a simple one but one that may not be really the answer you’d expect. You’re going to expect a number but I can’t give you a number. You will get the photos that creatively tell your story. What will that number be? Who really knows before the day plays out?
So my answer to “How many photos do we get?” is this: As many as it takes to tell your story well. Nothing more and nothing less. Make sense? Will that work for you?

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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