Christian Reformed Conference Grounds | Grand Hall | Grand Haven MI

Christian Reformed Conference Grounds | PortoBello Grand Hall | Grand Haven, MI

Summer Wedding by Lake Michigan

Jaden and Kelsey kept holding out hope for their summer wedding to be able to be held as planned.  Turns out their perserverence paid off!  They happen to be able to have their wedding as originally planned…mostly.  They did have to slim down the numbers but all else was gorgeous and PERFECT!

One of the sweetest moments for me to capture was when they were walking back down the aisle together.  Huge smiles on their faces and Jaden having to wrap his arm around a very shakey Kelsey just as they passed the arbor.  

Congratulations, My Friends!  So happy to have celebrade with you!

Location:  Christian Reformed Conference Grounds and PortoBello Grand Hall in Grand Haven, MI.

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