Church Wedding, Outdoor Wedding – Can Your Photographer Handle It?

Church Wedding

Are you having a church wedding or perhaps other indoor location?  Church weddings are not a thing of the past.  In fact, they are still very prevalent…and beautiful!  I love being present to watch a couple vow before God to love, honor and cherish til death parts them.  It’s an honor to be at any wedding and church weddings are some of my favorites.

Can your photographer handle your church wedding?

This seems like a strange question, but can they?  A church wedding offers unique challenges in that while it may seem bright to you and I, to the camera it is another story.  The overhead lights tend to give you a nice set of deep shadows in your eyes which are affectionately known as “racoon eyes”.  To be honest, it won’t be your best look.  Combine that with the other harsh shadows that that the overhead lighting will provide your photographer must be able to handle it.

As your photographer, I know I will make you look your best!

For instance, these images are vastly different. One taken with the light that the bright church provided.  The other was taken with the professional lighting brought in by me.  My lighting allowed for limited glare from the glasses and allowed for much greater detail in the bride’s dress.  Can you tell which is which?  Which do you prefer?  NOTE:  THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT RETOUCHED!  This is to clearly show that this is not photoshop work.

Church-wedding-muskegon-photographer-brenda-hoffman (1)

Church lighting


Professional photographer lighting











Outdoor Wedding

The other alternative is an outdoor wedding.  It’s so romantic to think of coming down the grassy aisle with a fresh breeze lightly blowing as the light music floats on the air.  Ahh… outdoor weddings are great!

Will your photographer give you the most from your outdoor wedding?

The light outside on your wedding day is just what the good Lord determined for that day.  It may be bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky.  It may be overcast and rainy…or somewhere inbetween.

As your photographer, I will work with whatever we are dealt that day and make it beautiful.

I work with an assistant and we control the lighting on your beautiful faces and the make you look the best!  Below are a few examples of the difference a professional photographer brings to your wedding. while it may seem that there is plenty of light on a bright sunny day, the examples below will show that your images can look so much more impressive!

 It’s your day, you should look your best!


Natural light

Grand-Rapids-Wedding-Photographer - bridal party

Just a touch of professional lighting makes a world of difference

Blessed with a dramatic sky on your wedding day?

Some times we really get blessed with some dramatic skies on wedding days.  If I were to just use natural light, we often aren’t able to preserve the beauty of the skies.  I will let the examples speak for themselves.  If you want your wedding photos to make you look your best, contact me to today to set up your consult!


Natural light but lose the dramatic skies

Capture the beautiful Skies but lose faces

Capture the beautiful Skies but lose faces

Professional lighting offers amazing results

Professional lighting offers amazing results

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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