Here’s what my clients are saying about their experience:


Where to begin with Brenda Hoffman. To say she is only a photographer is a gross understatement. She is so much more. After the months and months of work she did to help me prepare for the most perfect engagement one could ever hope to dream up, she captured every moment with the utmost of passion and excellence! She is now a friend, a confidant, a dreamweaver, but most importantly, she is just, Brenda! Compassionate, caring, detail oriented, focused, prompt, organized, efficient, talented are just a few of the adjectives that one could think to describe her and her work. She is an asset to the photography industry, to the City of Grand Haven, to the State of Michigan, and most importantly, to our lives. She is an ambassador of love. Brenda, thank you for being you and being so brilliant in your craft! JM 


Brenda was such a professional which is exactly what you want on your wedding day! We had considered asking a close friend with a nice camera and photoshop, but we realized that at the end of the day the only remaining thing you have after the big day is your photos and memories so why wouldn’t you want it all documented the best way they possibly can?! Brenda was so helpful and accommodating especially that my husband was only in town for a few days after boot camp for the Airforce for engagement photos and we were so grateful for that. AF


Brenda was everything I wanted and more in a photographer. She was funny, creative, easy to work with, and most of all, TALENTED. I was beyond blown away by the things she did behind the camera and without it; to us, she was much more than a photographer. One day I got the mail and we received a card from Brenda….and when I opened it, it had a gift card to Red Robin. She got us that to give us a break from all the hectic wedding planning on her! It was beyond sweet, and it was such a surprise. Her thoughtfulness and huge heart showed in her photography as well. She captured images I didn’t even see happening…moments I experienced I will now get to see for the rest of my life…and she isn’t afraid to get down in the dirt, wet grass, sand, rocks, or stand up on tall chairs, jump, etc. If it will get a good shot, she will do it. My wedding pictures were perfect…and I am so so so in love with everything she did. She is the PERFECT photographer, and I am SO thankful for her. SM


Thank you, Brenda, for your work on my son’s wedding. The pictures I’ve seen so far are stunning, and you were unusually unobstrusive. So many photographers turn weddings into photo ops forgetting that they are there to record it, not orchestrate it. You were easy to work with and most accommodating. Highly recommend. WM


Brenda was amazing. She was extremely professional and exceeded our expectations and hopes. The photos were amazing. She is truly talented and has mastered her craft. AM


Our photographer did a excellent job on our wedding pictures???? she captured every moment. She’s also very professional. I could go on and on about how great of a photographer she is. We thank you Brenda for making our special day even more special. If you’re looking for an amazing photographer I recommend Brenda Hoffman, you won’t be sorry.  We just love the work you did. We have been getting so many compliments. All we keep hearing is “omg your photographer did such a amazing job” VH


Brenda did such a wonderful job at photographing our wedding. She is really good at what she does. I was so surprised to see so many photos of our wedding that I had no Idea she was taking, that is the part that I thought was so cool she was able to just move around in the back ground in a way that didn’t draw attention to the fact she was taking photos.

Thank You Brenda for capturing our special day NH


Hi Brenda, I just want to say how beautiful the pictures are of my daughter’s wedding. You do a, I don’t know if I have the right words to express what I need to say to you, maybe awesome job, will do but that doesn’t quite express how I feel. And you as a person were just incredible. My experience was wonderful.  You did a wonderful job. DY


I can not tell you how delighted we are with our wedding photos! You captured moments I would have never thought of and we are thrilled you did. Thank you for being so easy to work with. Your professionalism and skill show in every picture. I will highly recommend you to anyone needing a high quality photographer!  MB



Brenda is a wonderful photographer and my wife and I loved working with her throughout the process of our engagement and our wedding. She took lots of time to sit down and talk over what we would like and what she can do to make the day even better. Then when we ran out of ideas, she was there to help us imagine new shots. During the wedding and reception she got many many wonderful photos and we didn’t even see her get to all those places to take the shots. Her professionalism was astounding as she worked to always keep in mind what she had talked to us about and how she could express our story in her photos. SR


Brenda was a fantastic photographer! She worked with us throughout the planning process, and the day of the wedding went VERY smoothly as a result. We had made a detailed plan with Brenda going into the day, and it worked out great! She took pictures all day long, and she captured great, high-quality shots: both candid and posed. She also edited the pictures quickly, so we didn’t have to wait very long after the wedding to see them all. It was so exciting to see our entire day in pictures. Brenda’s shots allowed me (the bride) to see moments I had missed during the day. I would HIGHLY recommend Brenda to future brides. She is excellent!ER


My fiancé BookStoreEngagement-17and I have loved working with Brenda as we prepare for our upcoming wedding. From the very beginning of our planning together, Brenda has demonstrated both her professionalism and her flexibility. She has already gone far beyond simply photographing our wedding by helping us plan in the months before the big day. Because Brenda is dedicated to telling our story, she has taken the time to observe things about us as a couple and included that in our photographs (e.g., taking engagement pictures in my favorite book store). Our engagement session was a wonderful way for us to get comfortable with the way Brenda works before our wedding. And, of course, the pictures themselves are excellent. I am very excited to work with Brenda again on our wedding day. It’s nice to know that the pictures are one thing I don’t have to worry about on the big day!  EC

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