Crockery Creek Natural Area – G & D

Crockery Creek Natural Area Engagement Session – Garrett & Danielle

Nunica, Mi

Being finally blessed with comfortable temperatures, it was pure bliss to photograph Garrett & Danielle on this lovely spring night.  We met at the Crockery Creek Natural Area and enjoyed being comfortable in shirt sleeves for one of the first warm days of spring.

These two fell easily into sync with each other as I posed them in front of the camera.  You could tell that they enjoyed being together and in each other’s arms.  They enjoy easy banter but also a sweet tenderness that cannot fully be described with words.  The photos do all the talking.  Looking at Garrett as he looked into the face of his future bride, you knew he had found the one.  Danielle’s easy laughter and sweet smile conveyed the abundance of joy she has when she is with Garrett.  These two have just begun their journey of a life together and I am honored to be a small part of it!  I will see you in 2018 at District 5 Schoolhouse!


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