Digital Images from Your Wedding – Do you want them?

Do You Want Digital Images from Your Wedding Photographer?

In today’s wedding world it seems like a silly question.  Of course you want digital images from your wedding.  Why?  Because we have been trained to think that is the way it works for today’s wedding photography.  So on the lists of “Questions to Ask Your Photographer” time and again “experts” are telling you to ask if you get digital files.  And more often than not, the answer is “yes”.

Digitals, smigitals….big deal! Yes, you get the digital images

So what are you going to do with your images from your wedding?  I have spoken with many couples who, even after 5 years of marriage, have yet to do anything with their wedding photos other that glance through them once when they arrived and posted a few on social media.  Is that really how you want your wedding day’s memories treated?  With the USB or DVD of images just ending stuffed at the bottom of a desk drawer and hopefully you back them up before too much digital decay occurs.

So yes, you can get digital copies of your images from your wedding day from Brenda Hoffman Photography, but since brides and grooms are doing much with them, I’m guessing they’re not worth all that much.  Wouldn’t you like something more?  I WANT  you to have something MORE.

A Keepsake, Heirloom Album

As I go through your day, I am seeing already how your keepsake album will be laid out in order for you to tell your wedding day story.  After all, gone are the days of only having the photographer capture the ceremony and a few family groupings.  I am there for all of your moments, capturing the story and preparing to “tell” your story through the images displayed in your album.  Each time you look at it and share with friends and family, you will feel what you felt that day all over again.

So What Does it Cost?

Many couples are concerned that an album adds enormous cost to their wedding collections.  Collections at Brenda Hoffman Photography start at just $1900 and if you mention that you read this post, I will include an album credit for a 10×10 album.  Contact me today to book a no-obligation consultation.


Keepsake Wedding Albums

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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