Discerning Brides – What They Want

Discerning Brides – What They Want

It’s not what you’d think

I have found that single most important thing for  discerning brides today is “experience”.  I’m not referring to the photographers professional experience.  It’s the experience that the bride and groom have with their photographer. Over and over again in my discussions with past client’s they rave about the experience of working with me.  Even mother’s of the bride and groom have mentioned what a wonderful experience it was for them.  So the one main thing that discerning couples want is to enjoy the process.

How do they get what they want?

What allows couples to have a good experience?  Well, honestly I like to pamper them along the way.  I communicate as promptly as I can.  And when they’re in front of the camera I make sure they are comfortable and know how fantastic they look.  They become quite confident in front of my lens, even if they didn’t start that way, and end up with terrific results to enjoy for a life time.

What else?

I am finding that my clients really cherish a finished product.  From the heirloom album that tells the story of their day to the wonderful wall art to hang on their walls, today’s discerning couples really want something to show from their wedding day.  They want to enjoy their memories on a daily basis.

What doesn’t matter…


Discerning brides want a great experience

And that brings me to what my best couples really don’t care all that much about.  Digital files.  Digitals smigitals…  Couples realized that it is all too easy to put off getting something printed.  They also realize that running down to Walmart or Costco to print their wedding photos not only doesn’t give them good results, it also takes away from the dream experience from the rest of the event.  Yes, they still get them and probably look through them a time or two.  But what they really are focused on is the experience and the finished product.

Do you want a great experience?

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