More than Candids

Many brides and grooms will tell me that they want candid shots.   Sometimes this is referred to the action shots.  AKA – NOT the posed photos. These are the shots where someone is camera “unaware”.  This happens all throughout the day from the bride walking down the aisle to the wedding guests chatting at the reception.   But what I have found is that my brides really want MORE than Candids.  If you’re like them you may want this, too.  Candids are photos in which the subject is unaware of the camera.  They are not posed but just captured in an instant.  My couples have found that what they want is something more.  They want  storytelling photos.  They want photos that will transport them back in time to their wedding day so they can FEEL that moment all over again.

Let me give you an example or two for illustration (because what is better than a photo to tell a story).

Grandma was so delighted to be able to witness the marriage of her grandson to a gal that she simply adored.  To her the joyous day was so very reminiscent of the day her and grandpa had gotten married.  She anticipated for the couple all the joy she had experience in her marriage.  In fact, it was written all over her face!WeddingMoments (4 of 10)

Next we have a bride who gleefully tosses her head back in laughter as she is being helped into her dress.  She had been smiling all day but now the anticipation of seeing her groom on their wedding day just made the joy bubble over.  So as she chatted happily with her mother and maid-of-honor while preparing to meet her groom, one can FEEL the joy and happiness she was experiencing.

WeddingMoments (7 of 10)























One final example is the bride in the receiving line as the first guests are starting to file out of the church to congratulate the happy couple.  For one soft, tender moment before all of the hugs and congratulations from the other guests, she glances tenderly at her father…as the tears are once again over-flowing her eyes.  She knows that from this point forward her relationship with her father whom she has loved so dearly all of her life, will be forever changed.  One can FEEL the emotions that charged this very fleeting but nonetheless, storytelling moment.

If moments like these capture your heart, then you too, may be like my couples that wanted more than candids.  You want storytelling moments.RichardsonWedding-396-ForSharing

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