Downtown Market Wedding | Grand Rapids MI

Downtown Market Wedding  | Grand Rapids MI

Ceremony Location: Calvin College

I had the amazing pleasure of photographing the engagement photos for Ron & Janell and then got to finish the story with their wedding day photos.  The couples always tell things best so I’m going to let their words inspire you.

From the bride and groom:

About the Venue

It was the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids and we chose the venue because it was just beautiful! We chose the greenhouse room which was just loaded with wonderful plants all around for a great backdrop. It was simple and elegant and couldn’t have asked for anything better! Read more on our venue page

About the Dress

It was very simple but beautiful! There were gorgeous florals sewn in around the skirt and that’s what made me known it was the one for me! It did have quite a few layers in the skirt so it was poofy! But it made me feel like a princess for one day and that’s all you can ask for, right?

About our traditions/fun activities

My father is a retired pastor and now an Anglican Priest, so besides the fact that the ceremony was a traditional Anglican service, we actually had both my Father and my Godfather conducting the service. It might seem complicated, but both men hold a special place in my heart so it was wonderful to have both marry us!

About working with Brenda Hoffman Photography

Brenda was a lifesaver in every aspect! She helped us out tremendously leading up to and on the day of the wedding. She really knows what she’s doing so putting that trust in her really helped alleviate some of that stress. It’s wonderful to have a photographer capture all of those moments throughout the day so that you can treasure them for years.

Most memorable moments

My first one would be our first dance. Everything just washed away for a few minutes and we could really be with each other. The second one is a bit more embarrassing. Towards the end of the reception after having a few drinks *cough*, Brenda took some lovely pictures near the waterfall at the venue and it was a special moment with some good pictures to show for it!

Advice for other couples

I’m not going to lie, your engagement can be one of the roughest parts to your relationship with planning a wedding. But when the day finally arrives, all of that stress and anxiety can finally be lifted! Your wedding day is unique because you planned it how you want it to be. Don’t worry how everything will turn out because no matter what, it will be beautiful! There’s so many details that make you feel pressured, but ultimately it’s still your day so take a breather every once in a while. Just remember to relax and enjoy all those moments! And to all the guys out there, try to put in some effort! Your bride is probably withering away planning this wedding, so at least try and help out sometimes!


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