Reasons to hire a Wedding Photographer

Reasons to Hire a Wedding Photographer

1.  You Like My Story Telling StyleIMG_5282

One of the main reasons to hire a wedding photographer is style.  You have have looked at my images and you like my style.  You appreciate the quality of the images and that the impact of the moments that are captured absolutely deserved to be captured well.   As you have looked at the photos you have begun to hear the story of the couples even though you’ve never met them.  Imagine how the love song of your relationship will play in your head as you look at your very own story as it is laid out before you for years to come.


2.  You Want to Hear Comments Like This…

(These are some of the actual comments my couples have received about their photos and you want to hear these words, too!)

  • You look amazing!
  • You look so beautiful!
  • Your photos are awesome!
  • Can’t wait to see more photos!
  • what a beautiful picture of the both of you. you can see the love in your eyes for each other.
  • Gorgeous! This picture is too sweet for words. ♡

3.  You Want a Full-Time, Full-Service Professional

Photography is my day job and I specialize in wedding photos.  I am a member of Professional Photographers Association.  Your photos will receive my utmost attention. There are no worries about me being pulled away to attend to other job obligations. I will process them accurately and quickly. That’s what I would want if I were you! But more importantly, your story will get my utmost attention.  I have and will take the time to listen to your story so I can capture the essence of your story on your wedding day.


4. You Realize the Value

Your wedding photos will likely outlast every other part of your wedding and you’re not willing to settle for mediocre; you recognize quality and only that will do. I have been married for 20 years and the only original symbol I have left of my wedding day is the photos.  Even my wedding ring has been replaced because I simply wore it out.  You realize that the moments that make up your unique and wonderful story deserve way more than snapshots.  They deserve high-quality professional photographer photos.

5. You Want to Relax & Don’t Want a #PhotoFail

From knowing what to expect from timeline for the wedding day and when you’ll receive you photos afterwards to feeling completely comfortable in front of the camera because we have gotten to know each other over the course of planning, you will be able to relax and enjoy the process.

With me as your photographer you will have peace of mind that you are giving your memories the value that they deserve.  I will communicate with you extensively before your wedding day so we both know what to expect.  You will likely find yourself even thinking/saying something like this (as one of my brides did when she emailed me):  “Thank you again for everything! I had some issues with other areas of the wedding planning lately… It was very nice to feel secure in my choice of photographer and not have to stress over it!!

If these are true of you, then I am your photographer.  Contact me today to see if your date is available and let’s make a plan to tell your story.  Be sure to look at Why NOT to hire me!

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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