Five Reasons to Have a Photobooth at Your Wedding

5 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding

keeps guests entertained during cocktail hour… and through the night

After the ceremony guests tend to get antsy and hungry while you and your partner are getting your photos taken. Snacks during cocktail hour always help but they don’t stop boredom for guests! The photobooth is a great form of entertainment for guests. It makes time fly by before you and your partner are announced. Then they can continue using it throughout the night of fun and shenanigans. 

Everyones included! 

No one wants to be the person who can’t be included in the photo because they have to take it. Photo booths completely solves that problem! The photo booth is on a stand and has a few second countdown before capturing the photo so everyone has time to squeeze into the picture!

modern technology 

Photo booths are often portrayed as tiny little boxes you’re forced to squeeze into. Those are the old photo booths that are uncomfortable and dated. This photo booth is on a stand in any open space at your reception that you choose! Guests can move comfortably and freely as they get their photos taken.

momentos for guests to take home

There is no gift better than the gift of sweet memories! Guests will be able to capture memories with the photo booth and the images will be sent directly to their phone! The photo booth makes, giving photos to guests as, gifts quick and easy!

easy for kids to use!

The photobooth is fun for all ages to use! It has easy to follow instructions on the screen, so even kids can use it! Having fun with the whole family will make your wedding day that much sweeter!

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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