Four Reasons NOT to Hire Me to Photograph Your Wedding

1.  You Don’t Have a Love Story to Tell

I bet your story is unique and it is important to tell it well. From the bride getting ready to the bouquet toss, and every cute, funny, stressful, moving moment in between, you’ll fee the love and joy of family and friends and you view your captured memories.  As your wedding photographer, I am there to capture for you the intricacies of your day to tell the story in photos for generations to come.

 2. You Aren’t Excited to See Your Photos

You’re going to look awesome on your special day and want to share with family and friends who might not be able to make it.  I post sneak peek photos online within 24-48 hours of your wedding.  I am excited to share what I saw throughout the day and you need a new profile picture.  I also post an online gallery for sharing with family and friends.

3.  You want Instagram-ish Filters

As with anything, there are trends.  “Filters” are big right now. I won’t do it!   This is along the lines of the selective color that was popular for a bit (and thankfully has seemed to dissipate).  While the trend may seem fun and new now and even great for those iphone snap shots, but in a few short years it will have the effect of “dating” your wedding photographs.  The aim for  my style is a crisp, timeless variety of color and black and white.

4.  You Don’t Like to Know what to Expect

I communicate with my couple numerous times before their wedding day, helping them in the planning process to be able to get the best photographic memories of their special day.  Your questions will be answered and I will provide you tips to help along the way.  A  recent article listing 50 things wedding photographers could have done better highlights that most of the list could have be avoided if communication were better.   If you just want to sign the contract and not hear from me again until the day of your wedding, then I am not for you.


So if none of these apply to you, view your options and then request a meeting so we can plan how to best tell your story.


Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


Fine Art Wedding Photography