Grand Haven Beach Sunset Engagement Session

Grand Haven Beach Sunset Engagement Session

Part 2 of the Engagement session for Teesie and Isaac (see part 1 here). After reminiscing about their actual moment of getting engaged and Grand Haven Central Park, we headed over to the Grand Haven State Park to catch the sunset.  The warmth of the light is definitely misleading to the actual temperature of the day.  It was late fall and we were stealing moments before old man winter set in.  Whatever the time of year, I always enjoy a Grand Haven Beach sunset engagement session.

These two were most certainly in their own little world as I asked them to dance together in front of the setting sun.  It was not surprising when they ended up in an embrace and kiss.  The fun-loving, light-hearted couple have many wonderful things in store for them.  I pray for blessings to be upon their marriage in the years to come.

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