Grand Haven Proposal – Surprise!

A Grand Haven Proposal – Like No Other!

I often get contacted from gentlemen looking for a photographer to capture their proposal but it is normally last minute and I am quite often booked.  Well, James planned ahead!  He contacted me a full 7 months ahead of time!  Fearing that his dear, sweet Kate may see the email exchanges, his initial email to me was rather cryptic and I almost suspected is was a spammer.  I am certainly glad it was not!

Through months of planning with unrelated email subjects in case “wandering eyes” might catch a glimpse, we made a plan for this out-of-town couple to experience much of what Grand Haven has to offer.  They not only enjoyed our beach and famous pier, but many of the local amenities, as well.

Their trip into town was delayed by weather, which obviously added a lot of stress to the already anxious James.  In hind-sight, Kate now understands why the travel delay made him more wound up than usual.

The proposal was scheduled for a Thursday night and the weather leading up to it was quite rainy.  But when evening rolled around, the sun came out and as the extra moisture still hung in the air, James took to one knee to ask his beautiful Kate to be his bride.  Even though grooms are certain their brides will agree to marry them, the nerves are just the same.  The heart pounds and the palms sweat but it is all worth it when they hear that one tiny word “yes”.

We met the next day outside The Grand (restaurant) in Grand Haven to snap a photo of the marquis that had been courteously put up in celebration of their engagement.  The two were still on cloud nine from the excitement and realization that they were beginning their forever together and told me that the images we captured were going to be their engagement photographs since they couldn’t top this weekend.  Well then!  We need a few more!  Their table wasn’t ready yet for their dinner reservation so we took a quick walk down Washington Ave and captured more of the essence of Grand Haven for them to remember.

I was recently told that I am emotionally invested in photography!  I ABSOLUTELY AM! By the end of editing their photos and creating their slideshow (which I am not ashamed to say got me teary-eyed more than once), I was truly sad to see them leave town.  Congratulations Kate and James!  May God bless you and your marriage.

UPDATE:  This proposal was featured on “How He Asked” (by The Knot)


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