Grand Ravines Park – Ottawa County – J & K

Grand Ravines Park – North

Jenison, MI – Jeff & Kim

Ottawa County Michigan has such a wealth of locations for getting outdoors and enjoying our varied Michigan weather.  Grand Ravines is just one of the many wonderful options.  For Jeff and Kim’s engagement session, we opted for the North portion of the park and enjoyed the views of the river and the greenery that was bursting into life.

When I met with Jeff and Kim to plan their engagement session, there were a few things that I noticed.  Kim has an easy smile and looks at Jeff in a way that only one truly in love could.  Jeff has eyes that convey his smile and are especially bright when he’s chatting with Kim.  Together they are easy going and comfortable.

During their engagement session they were ready for anything that I threw at them.  We enjoyed some great laughs…especially when we realized that my instructions weren’t always as clear as I thought them to be!  Despite the temps in the 40s we enjoyed the warm light that the sun gave us and captured moments that I hope they will not soon forget.  One of my favorites was when they were dancing together and Kim looked at Jeff and commented , “I’ll dance with you anywhere.”.  Yep, that is why I do this.  Sweet tender moments like that.  Thank you, Kim and Jeff, for allowing me to come along on your date.  I will see you in June of 2018 at The Little Red Barn!

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