Holland MI Engagement Session

Holland MI Engagement Session

Sunny March afternoon fun

Stefanie & Jonathan – Man!  Laughter abounds between these two.  We had such fun during their session!  Their easiness with each other simply overflowed and made for wonderful memories for them.  It was just an added bonus that the sun happened to be shining a bit that day.

We had to take breaks because all the smiling made our cheeks hurt!  You can see how these two love each other and now they have memories that they can cherish for a lifetime!  See you next June, Stefanie and Jon.  I CAN”T WAIT!

No matter what time of year it is, it is always a great time to have your engagement session.  Our sessions are like none other!  Just ask some of our couples and they will tell you that it is nothing like they expect and they are glad!

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