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How Many Wedding Photos Do We Get?

This is one of the most asked questions I get from brides and grooms about their wedding photographs. How many wedding photos do you get?   The answer is a simple one but one that may not be really the answer you’d expect.  You’re going to expect a number but I can’t give you a number.  You will get the photos that creatively tell your story.  What will that number be?  Who really knows before the day plays out?

Say, for instance, I promised 600 photos from your day but after culling through all the blinks or someone stepping in front of the camera I end up with only 500 photos.  If I have promised 600 photos, I somehow have to come up with another 100 photos.  Likely I could do this by making a bunch in black and white but is that really what you want?  Will make some photos black and white that I originally, in my expert opinion didn’t need to be nor should be black and white really add to the value of what you receive from your wedding day.  Will that tell your story more accurately or will that simply be more filler to meet a random quota that neither of us had means of knowing would be able to be filled?

So my answer to “How many photos do we get?” is this:  As many as it takes to tell your story well.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Make sense?  Will that work for you?

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