Lake Michigan | Grand Haven Wedding

Grand Haven | Lake Michigan Wedding | Brittani and Mark 


Ceremony Location: Private Residents

From the bride and groom:

About the Venue

Our venue was private, intimate, and quiet.  We wanted to use Mother Nature as our backdrop.  When we get a moment to be out in a gorgeous environment, we really treasure it.  Like our love story, we were not going to be as beholden to the structure of a traditional wedding.  For us, marriage wasn’t just a vow to one person, it was a vow to an entire family, future and present.  Our two families were going to be blending on this special day which was why we chose our families property in Grand Haven, MI.  The Powell Beach House situated on beautiful Lake Michigan is where we have a lot of memories and where we will make a lot of memories as a family! 

About the Dress

My dress had intricate lace detail that made up every inch of it.  It featured an illusion neckline that I absolutely fell in love with; the second I put the dress on I knew it was the one.  I was so fortunate because my sister owns a bridal shop in downtown Grand Rapids called Ali Nicole Bridal, I always would ogle all of the dresses in her shop, to be able to purchase my dress from her and wear it on our big day was really special to me and something I will always cherish! 

About our traditions/fun activities

Life gave me a second chance at love.  We incorporated a family prayer into our ceremony that included our kids joining us in front of our family and friends.  Our officiant blessed us all as we started this new adventure together as a family of six! 

About working with Brenda Hoffman Photography

Brenda is a creative and passionate photographer.  Her fresh and innovative ideas are expressed through her photographs which shows how much photography means to her.  Brenda’s approach to creating an engagement and wedding experience was portrayed through her excellent customer service skills, she always made my husband and I feel very comfortable communicating our thoughts and ideas.  Brenda put in the extra effort to understand what we wanted and then delivered exactly that. There is a story in every scene.  And the reason to capture the moment in every story.

Most memorable moments

Looking around during our ceremony and dinner knowing that all these people are here because they love and support us, feeling really lucky that everything came together, and everyone was here celebrating with us!  We exchanged our vows privately to each other, the powerful emotions attached to professing our love for one another was my favorite part of our wedding day. 

Advice for other couples

I never intended to get divorced. My first marriage didn’t work out the way I planned, but that didn’t have to hold me back from hoping that my fairy tale was out there.  In my mind there is no such thing as a “second” wedding – it’s a wedding.  Love should be celebrated. The celebration of your love story is something only you should dictate.  Exist in the present and get excited about the future.  We can’t control other elements, you can only control your actions, don’t get caught up in the little details, take it all in and enjoy your special day. 

Vendors: Eastern Floral – Holland, MI, Two Tonys – Spring Lake, MI

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