Looking your Best in Your Wedding Photos

Looking your best in your Wedding Photos

It’s not everyday that you are in front of a camera for hours on end. On your wedding day, you will be getting loads of photos of you and your new hubby. So how do you guarantee you’ll look your best behind the camera? Here are some tips to avoid the double trouble, slouchy posture, fakes smiles, so you are looking and feeling your best for the photos you’ll keep forever.

Smile, smile smile.

Practice smiling naturally! Smile like you do on a daily basis. If you feel like your smiles are getting a little stiff and unnatural in your photos, relax your face. Think about what makes you happy … like spending the rest of your life with your new hubby! Also, don’t forget to smile with your eyes. Sometimes your eyes have a little more to say than your mouth!

What’s your best side?

This is a common question photographers will ask before sessions start. This is all about preference! If you don’t know, try taking pictures on both sides while practicing posing your face in different tilted directions. Find the side you are comfortable with and you feel best highlights your facial features.


Avoid the double trouble!

Don’t we all hate those unexpected double chins in our photos? It’s a natural thing but they are somes ways to avoid it! Relax. Take a deep breathe. Lower your shoulders, stick your chin out and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth to give the illusion of a elongated neck. On the big day, raise your chin and and twist your head slightly away from the camera.

Beat the sweat.

If you’re planning on getting married in the heat of summer, there is a good chance you’ll experience the unavoidable sweat. Your sweat = shine, and that’s not always appealing. So, make sure to either pack some oil dabbing sheets or extra translucent powder to control the shine.

Accentuate your arms.

It is good to be mindful of how your arms are posed against your body. It is better to place a hand on a hip to accentuate your waistline and slim your arm, than have your arms smushed against your body. Practice posing so you find a look that’s natural and comfortable for you.


It’s all about the angles!

Yes, geometry can be a little helpful on the wedding day! Angle yourself 45 degrees … acute angle 😉 … so that your body’s depth (not width) is on display! Or try balancing your weight on on your back foot and cross one in front of the other. Give a little hip pop. Angles can be more appealing and slimming to the body!

Give your legs a little love!

Although your legs are going to be covered by your gown, you still have to give them a little love! Bend your knees a little bit to avoid looking too stiff in your photos. It’s all about shifting your balance from one leg to another.

Move a little!

Movement helps your photos look more natural, and when you’re actually enjoying yourself, it shows. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, movement is pretty simple.

Posture is key.

A lot of the time an over exaggerated pose can feel ridiculous in ‘real life’ but looks great in photos. Practice in advanced standing up and sitting up straight. Straighter posture not only looks better in photos, but you will appear a little more confident on your day!

Just be yourself

There are a lot of technical things that go into having good photos. But the most important thing is to remember to be yourself! You don’t have to try to be anything other than your true self. You are unique. You are beautiful. Let YOU shine through on your wedding day. The emotions, love and joy you feel on your wedding day will do a lot of the work for you. Just relax, laugh a little, and be in the moment.

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