Manistee, MI Wedding

I had the great pleasure and honor to photograph  Alyssa & Nick  for their Manistee, Mi wedding

I tell my brides that each wedding will have something that will go “wrong” but that the little snags become part of their wedding story and to embrace it. We will get through it together. Well, when I texted Alyssa on my way to the wedding from Grand Haven that I was on my way, I immediately received a call from her that because the road was blocked due to a festival that day, that I wouldn’t be able to get to her. It was minor, we would just have to meet somewhere else but now it’s part of their story…how something as major as a festival on the day they booked a facility for getting ready was not a detail that was mentioned to them! WHOOPS!

The sweetest part of the day for me was right before the ceremony. I had just gotten back from seeing Alyssa and was speaking with Nick. I told him how amazing she looked because he hadn’t seen her yet. What did he say in response? “She always looks amazing.” So sweet!

Here are a few photos from their day.

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