Perfect Wedding Moments

Perfect Wedding Moments

A famous wedding photographer once said, “There are no perfect photos, just perfect moments”.  In wedding photography there are a lot of moments and each are perfect in their special way.  Recently I captured and image that really reminded me of that quote as I saw one of those perfect wedding moments.

These two sweet girls had such a big day.  Of course, the wedding was mid-afternoon, which I suspect was about nap time for the littlest of the pair.  This moment was so fleeting as the tired little perfect wedding momentstoddler was not really up for the enthusiasm of her pre-school aged sister.  This photo “technically” speaking has flaws.  There is a table jutting into the scene, among other things that photo critics would point out.  But this photo is is perfect in that it captured a moment.  A Perfect Moment.

This is what makes my heart “sing”!  I love the privilege and opportunity of being there for brides and grooms on their special days and capturing their “Perfect Moments”.





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