For Photographers – Color Processing Matters

For Photographers – Color processing matters

Today I’m going to approach a subject that I want to be careful not to step on any photographer’s toes.  There are several approaches of processing photos and I have illustrated a few below.  The first image is pretty straightforward and nearly SOOC (straight out of camera).    The second is one of a popular “film” preset camp as well as the third.  The fourth is my processing.  One of my mantras when I meet with clients is that I don’t do popular “filters” or in photog language “presets”.  My mind-set is that what is popular now will often change in 3-5 years and, in my opinion, that will soon “date” your photos.  Remember the white vignette of years gone past?  If I were to use that now, it would make the photos look old.  That’s my same thought behind how I approach my processing.  Your hairstyle or the clothes you wear may “date” the photo, but my hope is that the processing will be timeless and classic.

That being said, photographers, you do you.  If the dark, moody film presets are your thing, then by all means, stick to it.  If the light airy, minty greens are more your speed and your clients love it, rock on, my friends.

For consumers

Take a look at the examples and find which style you love and find a photographer who delivers that style.  If you like the dark, moody look and you hire the photographer that produces the bright, light look, then you’ll both be frustrated.

Final note for photographers

Pick your style – Is your website filled with a variety of these types of styles?  Are you clean and classic on some, bright and airy on others and dark and moody in several selections?  My question to you will be one posed to me early on – How will your clients know what they’re going to get?  The argument posed to me was that it was just confusing to clients to look at the variety and know what they would be getting from their wedding or family photos.

What are your thoughts?  Agree?  Disagree?  I’d love to hear what you think.

**Side note** My “light and airy” version won’t look like most “light and airy” photographers stuff because my shooting style is different.  See the post on lighting to understand why.

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