For Photographers – Light options

For Photographers – Light Options – Natural or flash

I have been receiving many requests for tips and instructions from other photographers about my processes and style of shooting.  So today I am beginning a new series of blog posts aimed at photographers.  However, these may also prove quite helpful to those hiring photographer to help them discern which style, both editing and shooting, fits the aesthetic they like best.

These post will highlight my style.  They in now way are saying that is the only way to do it.  There area  myriad of approaches and styles in this world of photographic art.  It’s just important that clients get what they want in the end.

Photography – Begins with light

In Greek, Photograph is a combination of photo – meaning “Light” and graph – meaning “drawing”.  So a photograph is drawing with light.  As photographers we study light and it’s effects on our subjects.  Often times when watching TV, I am distracted by the story line as I watch how the director has chosen to light the actors.  The more dramatic the story, the more dramatic the lighting tends to be….but that’s another post all together!

Natural Light or Not Natural light

Today it is very popular to be a natural light photographer.  There are some that really rock this approach.  However, I happen to be in the camp of “available light” and what is generally available is the lighting equipment I bring.  Working with a variety of strobes (great big lights) or speedlights (smaller flash units), my aim is to use lighting to enhance the scene and to make the subjects look their very best.  With lighting, I can make someone’s face look thick or thin.  I can use shadows to create interest where needed and reduce shadows to reduce emphasis.

Some examples to show the difference

This first one is subtle.  On the left is natural light and on the right is photographed using and xplor 600 in a softbox.  The difference isn’t terribly drastic.  You will probably notice it mostly in her eyes.

This one is a bit more dramatic…and I like it.  This is indicative of my style.  The top is how I shoot.  The bottom is natural light only.  I would love to hear your comments on what you think.  What is your style?  Are you rocking the natural light look?  Do you like the look with auxiliary lighting?  Whatever you choose, you do you and do it well and the clients that are meant to be yours will come.

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