For Photographers – Posing Matters

For Photographers – Posing Matters

Continuing in my series for photographers, this is the second article in an ongoing effort to open the dialogue with other photographers to help us all grow in our craft.  The first one covered natural light or flash options.  This one lightly touches on posing.

Photographers: Posing is not a swear word

In recent years, the word “posing” or “posed” has become a bit of an interesting topic.  People say, I don’t want to look posed.  I say that posing doesn’t have to look stiff and weird and can make all the difference in the world.  Posing can make a thin girl look like she’s going to blow away or a look fantastic as she is.  Improper posing (and lighting) can also adversely affect an image and detract from the beautiful subject.

So photographers..

Don’t be afraid to direct your clients.  I hear way too many couples coming to me after a failed engagement session complaining that they were not given any direction when in front of the camera and in the resulting images they felt they looked awkward.  If a client feels they are awkward in front of the camera, it often affects their perception of the resulting images.

And to you clients…

I will pose you but you will also feel natural. As a certified professional photographer (CPP), I have the technical expertise to make you look your very best! A great example is a recent engagement session.  Even when the images full of life and laughter, you can rest assured that I posed them specifically for that result.  It’s not by accident.  🙂

Examples to show what I mean:

On the left, she is clearly looking rail thin and slightly stiff.  On the right, the head tilt, shoulder turn and bent arms made her look like she is quite comfy as a model. (You’ll also notice that the slight head tilt removed the glare from the glasses).

Another example of posing and lighting playing together nicely and not so nicely.  Which do you prefer?















Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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