Planning for a Stress Free Wedding Day

Planning for a Stress-free Wedding Day

All your planning has come to the one day, and it’s normal to feel a little stressed and nervous before the wedding. But your day should not be consumed with stress. Take a deep breath! Remember, your wedding day is about you, your love, and of course, your new hubby. Save the sweat, and prepare ahead of time for smooth sailing on the big day. Here are a couple tips for a stress free day.

Consider a Day Coordinator

This could be a designated person that would on duty to smooth out any issues or concerns going on throughout the day

Keep your morning free of plans

Just stick to the necessities, like hair and makeup! Planning to many activities the morning of the wedding can be a little overwhelming. You want to have fun and enjoy the experience without feeling rushed. The morning will go by very quickly so spend a relaxing, stress free morning with your maids to get excited and refreshed for the day.

Set out dress, shoes, and accessories beforehand

Have your dress hanging up out of its cover and all your shoes and accessories laid out, with the labels cut off. Be sure to steer clear from the makeup and hair products. This will help you and when it comes time to photograph all those important detailed shots.

Getting ready room is good to go

Get everything ready the night before, and be sure the room a nice and tidy beforehand, so dirty laundry, trash, breakfast leftovers are not hanging out in the background of the photos.

Surround yourself with loved ones

Simply being around people you love helps relieve all those little anxieties and stresses fluttering inside you. Although It’s tempting to invite lots of friends and family over to start the celebrations early, things can get hectic quickly.

Pack a bride survival kit

Prepare for it all. The last thing you can to be doing on your day is savanging around for a bobby pin, stain remover, or even tissues. Pack all the potential essentials in a little tote, that your maids can bring to the ceremony and reception. Ideas of what to include: Mini sewing kit, towelettes, makeup wipes, tissues, blotting papers, deodorant, stain remover pen, emergency snacks, gum, lint roller, bobby pins, hair spray, and extra translucent powder and lip color.

Roll with the punches attitude

There may be a few bumps along the road – maybe your forecast was supposed to be sunny, and there is a last minute down poor. Find joy in whatever happens, they will then become apart of the incredible memories you are creating alongside your friends and family.

Get some alone time with your new husband

Throughout the day, it is easy to get distracted by the numerous amounts of family and friends surrounding you. Take a little breather, 10 or 15 minutes together, decompressing the ceremony and the immense amount of love and joy you are experiencing.

Remember what’s important

This day is about your marriage and the love you share with your new husband. There are always going to be things that are out of your control, and down the road, those are not going to matter in comparison to the memory of the covenant you have created on this day.

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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