A & B – Porto Bello’s Grand Haven Wedding

A & B at Pottawatomie  & Porto Bello’s

The day dawned bright and beautiful with a blessed break from the humidity of the week before.  With an intimate ceremony on the edge of Pottawatime Bayou in Grand Haven and a reception following at Porto Bello’s Grand Hall in beautiful downtown Grand Haven.  Seeking to unite in marriage before God and surrounded by close family and friends to couple from Colorado exchanged wedding vows as the groom’s father officiated.

Following the ceremony the reception was filled with prayer, toasts and award winning cupcakes!   Chris from Movin’ Music kept the events moving and interesting with his DJ expertise. The anniversary dance was one of the most successful I’ve seen as there were numerous couples that could attest to the longevity of their marriages.  What a great blessing for the newly married couple to see so many that had been together for so long! The couple and I finished up portraits with brief step out on the patio before we called it a night.

Every wedding has a favorite moment for me as a photographer being able to see the uniqueness of each couple with emotions and moments captured.  These two have a quiet calm between them with a effervescent fun that overflows in moments between.  For this wedding it was during their bride and groom portraits when I asked them their happy place when it’s just the two of them.  It was then that he wrapped his arms around her and she nestled in and they both settled into the warm embrace that is their “happy place”.

May God bless you both with many years together!  Thank you for the honor of capturing the emotions that tell your story.


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