Preparing for your engagement session

Preparation for your Engagement Session

What should we wear?

Below are a few tips for clothing for  your session.  They are not hard and fast rules but more of a guideline to get you started.

  • Coordinate clothing to each other but not matching.  Pick colors that compliment each other but not necessarily the same.  I have a Pinterest board with some palette choices that may suit you.
  • Coordinate clothing with your location.  This may seem strange but if you’re having a nice fall session with the turning leaves, you probably don’t want a lot of blue hues because your clothing with draw more attention than your lovely faces.  You can pick clothing choices from neighboring colors on the color wheel or those that are opposite.  For example, at the beach you can do blues and tans to blend or you can do hues of orange to contrast.
  • Ladies – avoid baggy shirts.  The camera can tend to exaggerate the looseness.
  • Men & Ladies – avoid stripes (especially horizontal) and tiny prints.  Solid colors are great but if you want a pattern, keep it to just one of you.
  • Feel free to bring clothing changes…especially if we’re going to more than one location
  • Ladies – If you’re wearing heels for one of your outfits, please bring comfy shoes to wear in-between times.  You’re welcome.  🙂
  • Both – Try things on a few days before.  Make sure everything fits well and is ironed nicely.


Professional make-up can be a fun treat with great rewards.  An airbrush makeup artist can make you look your best on camera plus it can be a great trial run for your wedding day.  It’s not a must but I am betting you’ll like the results


Feel free to bring any props you want in the photos.  If you’re planning on them, just give me a heads up so I can anticipate what we’re going to do with them.


See you soon!

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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