RAW file editor for FREE – DxO Optics Pro

RAW file editor FREE – Dxo Optics Pro V9

Whether you know it or not, your camera likely can take images in two formats, RAW & jpg.  Even most of today’s cellphones have the capability to shoot RAW files.

What are RAW files and why do you need them?

We’ve all seen the cute little videos running through our facebook feed showing fun things to make with those refrigerator biscuits, right?  Folks are able to make fun things with them because they have not yet baked the dough and before they do, they can make it into another wonderful creation. Jpg files are the biscuits after they have been baked.  Yes, you can do some different things with them but not the depth of variety that you can with the uncooked dough.   RAW camera files are like the dough.  The range of what you can do with them is so much more than you can if you just take the baked file (jpg).

Drawback to RAW files

You do need software to process the raw files into your final product of a jpg.  The one photographers use most are either Adobe LIghtroom or Adobe Camera RAW which require a $10/month subscription.  So if you’re just a hobbyest, you may not want to shell out each month just to tinker around.  The camera manufacturers also supply a software but that, often times, can be buggy and not have many features.

Good news – A FREE solution!

That’s where today’s post comes in.  DxO Optics Pro V9 is FREE right now (v 11 is the current one).  Woot woot! So I just had to share.  Here is the link:  https://www.dxo.com/us/digitalcamerauk.  I just did it to be sure it worked and I’m already up and running.  If you have a really new camera, it may not have your camera profile listed so there is that warning.  But it’s worth a try for FREE.  ONE NOTE:  you will be asked to give your email and then sent immediately to a page to ask you to buy the current version.  No need to do that.  Just check your email to for the link to download the v9 package.

RAW Recovery

RAW files have a lot of potential.  If you’ve not tried using RAW files, here is just a sample of what can be done with an image that you may have thought lost.

Do you shoot RAW?

Do you shoot RAW?  Has this post convinced you to give it a try?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.  And be sure to subscribe for more helpful posts!

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