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The Chair Cover and Linen Collection, located conveniently on Cleveland St/M104 in Nunica, MI is owned and operated by Cliff and Connie Cook offer complete services for the bride and groom to rent linens and/ or chairs.  Connie is a interior designer, color professional and staging expert.  Their services are a great value for brides and grooms who want to keep the planning part of the wedding simple without the headaches of having to handle all the little details.

The Chair Cover and Linen Collection offers chair covers and linens (OBVIOUSLY!) in a  large variety of colors and fabrics, from satin, organza, lamour, bichon, sequins and damask.  They also offer chair rentals, like the beautiful chiavari chairs that all the stars use, or a more rustic wood chair for your barn or outdoor wedding.  To complete the package they offer centerpiece options, signs for the Mr. and Mrs, birdcage for your cards and more!

Not all chair covers are created equal

Many brides will consider the route of ordering their linens online.  Be very wary of this route as it will likely cost you more in the end.  With so many venues and many different styles of chairs, a certain chair cover will not fit all chairs.  Then when you try to “make” it work, the flimsy, wrinkled fabric simply won’t hold up.  I’m betting a tattered, wrinkled, not-quite-the-color-you-wanted mess was not what you were thinking when you planned on chair covers for your important day.

Your Vision

Connie and Cliff will work with you to capture your vision for the date, captured the theme for your event with the head table being an awesome focal point.  Whether your style is more rustic with a barn wedding, a fresh beachy wedding or a formal affair with chiviari chairs, they will get all the details planned with you and put your plan into action on your wedding day.  They can do wall washes with lighting; they  also have pipe and drape, lights and beads to create a dramatic backdrop (and might I add a wonderful photographic backdrop) for the head table.

Brides and grooms can install the items themselves or opt for the full-service option.  I say go for the full-service option…you have enough to do for your wedding day!  The Chair Cover & Linen Collection will work with your other vendors, such as the florist or baker to create that great result you are seeking..

They are not just for weddings!  The furnish decor for fundraising events, business events and any other party or celebration.


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