She Was Wearing Her Wedding Dress the Day They Met

They weren’t married at first site…

but she WAS wearing her wedding dress when they met.

When I meet with a couple about possibly photographing their wedding I like to ask how they met.  These two people had one of the most unique “how we met” stories that I have ever heard (and they were more than happy to share the story with me)!  It was the story of how she was wearing her wedding dress on the day they met.

They met on Halloween and the wedding dress was one she picked up at Goodwill for $30 for part of her costume.  This apparel did not deter him a bit, nor did the strange contact lenses he was wearing as part of his costume deter her.   To add to the charm of their meeting, they were introduced by his mother.  They went on their first official date the next day to the Grand Haven Pier which made it all the more fitting that was the location of our final images from their wedding day.     They were engaged one year later and decided that it was only fitting that she wear the same dress.

It was my immense pleasure to capture the love story of these two special people at St John’s Episcopal church.  And even though the quiet groom told me when we met that he didn’t particularly  like his photo taken, they really did make my “job” very easy by being so much in love that they were not bothered by the camera at all.  (during their engagement session he said he just ignored me – which worked well.  ;))  Their “Princess Bride” themed wedding was fitting to the romantic personality of each of them and the “pirate ship” we saw while at the beach for their final photos just added to the already amazing story.  Thank you both for allowing me to be part of your day!

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