Shoreline Inn Muskegon Waterfront Wedding Venue

Shoreline Inn – Muskegon Waterfront Wedding Venue

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Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Shoreline Inn Lake house Conference Center in Muskegon, MI and see the beautiful set up that was a collaboration between the Shoreline Team and Chalet Floral.  The winter wonderland theme was an excellent example of the beauty that can be had with a winter wedding.

The beautiful sunset through the windows is beautiful no matter what what time of year you schedule your wedding.  You and your guests get to enjoy the picturesque view all during your reception and the hotel is just steps away for the wonderful convenience factor. The ambience in the room as the sun sets and the lights go down is wonderfully romantic.  You can enjoy the candles and uplighting with colors to your theme.

In temperate weather, you can even have your ceremony outside and then easily step into the reception without any hassles.  Having photographed here for weddings, I can tell you that the food is fantastic, as well.

So call Becca (231.747.8483 ext 2236) at Shoreline today and she will help you get your date secured!


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