Wedding Day Make-up Tips for the Bride

Wedding Makeup Tips for the Bride

It is always a challenge finding a balance between wanting to look good in photographs, while feeling the best, freshest version of yourself. It is all about you feeling comfortable and beautiful on your big day, and finding a look that is personalized and unique to you. The best trend, and the one a lot of brides are asking for, is the n-a-t-u-r-a-l look. There are great ways to do a natural makeup look so the real you shines through on your wedding day.

It is more of a myth that you have to plaster on the makeup to look good in your photographs. It is good to remember that a lot of the photographs will be taken in natural light. Using dark colors, and a heavier foundation base might not photograph as well. Remember, you’ll have to live with photos from your wedding for the rest of your life, so it’s best to stray away “trendy” and “bold” looks and opt for something more classic. To find that balance, here are some tips for a flawless and natural makeup look:


Consider using fake lashes. They make your eyes big & captivating, especially in photographs. To keep it natural, find something that doesn’t extend beyond your current lash length. For something more subtle, you could try individual lashes to fill in the gaps and give a fuller look. Waterproof mascara is recommended…maybe even required for those happy tears ;).


Neutrals and soft tones work best with both color and black and white photography. Consider the time of your wedding, because natural lighting can drastically affect the color. Too much shimmer and glitter doesn’t work great with a camera’s flash. Brighten any darkness under eyes with eye corrector or concealer. Yellow and purple hues give the illusion of brighter, awake eyes.


Start by exfoliating your lips by using a washcloth or a toothbrush. This will help your lipstick stay on longer and create a smooth surface for application. Apply lip balm on before you use gloss or stain so that your lips are not dry and flaky. A moisturizing lipstick with a satin finish is best for a wedding -this kind of formula will keep your lips looking their best and will wear off the most evenly and naturally. Consider lighter and neutral colors that enhances the natural color of your lips. If you are feeling bold, add a little color! It is about you and what you feel comfortable with.


Consider airbrush! This will give you a thin, lightweight layer of makeup that gives a long lasting, waterproof, matte finish. It fully covers the skin while giving a flawless finish without the excessive caking of traditional foundation. It photographs amazing!

If you are using traditional foundation, remember to blend evenly and adequate to avoid blotchy skin that might be troublesome in photographs.

Highlight & Blush

You’ll already be radiating with love from your wedding day. Why not add a little more? Of course you don’t want a strobe light across your face in photos, but a subtle dust of soft highlight across the sides of your nose, forehead, chin and above the cheekbone will give you gorgeous & luminous look. Don’t be afraid to go a little bolder with the blush color, as some of it will be washed out from the power of flash from the camera.

Prepping for your makeup look:

1.Keep your skin hydrated

For your wedding week, stay moisturized and drink lots of water! This will also allow your makeup to apply and look better throughout the day. If you have a sunny day, wear SPF.

2.Its prime time!

Prime your eyelids, face and lips. Spritz some makeup setting spray after application for either a matte or dewy finish. This ensures long lasting makeup through all the tears and smiles you will have on your wedding day.

3.Test out your makeup look before the big day.

Whether your doing your own makeup, or have an artist lined up, it is always good to do a trial of the look and how it will photograph on the big day. Flash tends to wash out colors, so this will help you find out what colors and products work, and what doesn’t. Wear white when doing a trial to see how your makeup looks against a pale colour.

Keeping up the look on your BIG day:

1.Translucent Powder

Outdoor weddings are becoming more popular and on those hot, summer days, its normal for your skin to get a little greasy and oily. One way to combat this is to keep translucent powder on hand, or with your maids! What is translucent powder? It is a loose powder that sets the makeup on your face without covering or adding additional color. This helps control shine and gives skin a more matte to help your skin photograph better.

2. Lip Color

We all know you will be sharing a lot of kisses with your new hubby on your big day ;). It is a given that it will start to smudge or become a little blotchy throughput the day. Whether you are going bare or using a lip color, it is always recommended to keep your lips hydrated and re-apply during the day so that is looks good behind the camera.

Ladies, don’t forget that this is going to be one of the most amazing moments of your life. The goal is to find a makeup look that reflects the inner beauty inside you. You want to look and feel your best, and to have photographs to capture that your memories and beauty.

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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