Wedding Hair Tips

Wedding Hair Tips

Okay ladies, now it’s time to crackdown on business…your big day is approaching and now it’s time to plan all little details! Although planning wedding hair and makeup doesn’t seem like a “big” deal, this is something that should be planned in advance, at least 4-6 weeks, especially when working with stylist. It is suggested to do a couple trial runs of your hair do, to ensure its longevity and that really matches you and your style. The hairstyle you choose should enhance your unique beauty. But don’t be afraid to glam it up a little for your big day!

Now, you are probably asking yourself… What is best for my hair? What lasts all day? What should I consider when I pick a style? Here are a couple tips & reminders for wedding hair style.

Things to consider when choosing the right style

1.Your Dress

Your hair, makeup and dress should not be in competition with each other- they should compliment each other. If you have a more extravagant gown, maybe try doing a subtle yet elegant style vice versa if you have a simple dress maybe try something more bold and dramatic.

2.Your hair type

I get it, sometimes we fall in love with a picture of a hairstyle, and then soon come to realization that…it’s unrealistic. Some styles require hair a certain length, thickness, cut, or even hair extensions. Trying to achieve the perfectly volumised hair, that doesn’t frizz or have “uh ohs” during the day, can be a little… challenging to achieve. Instead, talk to a stylist and discuss the vision you want and set up a test trial. If you are doing your own, try out some hair tutorials that match your hair type. It is always good to know ahead what works with your hair texture, as well as your face shape. Work with your natural hair to achieve a look that enhances your natural beauty!

3. The Weather

Now this might be a little harder to plan in advance, because Michigan has this thing called funky weather, where you can plan for dry sunny day that may end up being a rainy humid day under a 24 hour notice. Although we can’t fight the forces of mother nature, you can still consider the season you are getting married in, and whether it is mainly in an indoor or outdoor setting. If you know your day is going to be a little warm and humid, try a more put together do to avoid the dreaded issue of frizz. If it is going to be a little dry, cooler, let the hair down, or try a half updo.

Once you have chosen the hairstyle you think is best, try it out! And what I mean by that is move around or even DANCE with the style, to see how it holds up. Have fun with it! Maybe plan a fun night with the maids to try out different hair tutorials to discover what different styles you like and will consider.

Tips for lasting, beautiful wedding hair

1. Turn that volume up!

A little tease can go a long way, and then your way won’t be flat when it comes time for your reception.

2. Hair Spray

We all know this a given, but hairspray is key! Try bringing a travel sized hair spray, that way the maids can give you a little spray here and there to combat the limp curls and fly aways.

3.Start tight and controlled

Your hair is going to naturally fall throughout the day, especially when hair is done in the morning. Start your curls off tight and controlled and then as the day goes on they will have a more natural, relaxed look.

4.Bring on the dirty hair

Dirty hair styles better and holds more volume throughout the day rather than freshly washed hair. Consider washing your hair the night before for best results.

5. Add accessories

Find something that matches your personal style, compliments your dress, and connects with the theme of your wedding. Play up your hair with a veil, jeweled comb, clip or headband. If you are going for a more subtle, vintage look, consider dianty hair flowers and hair vines. Make sure the accessories fit well with your chosen hairstyle

Wedding hair checklist- Are you on the right track with planning?

  • Are pictures taken before and after wedding? Give yourself at least 30 minutes beforehand in case of any hair mishaps.
  • Time yourself beforehand to see how long it takes to get ready to schedule for the rest of the day.
  • Will your maids going to be styled too?
  • Take picture of hair trial, to look at on and note what you would want to change or keep on the big day.
  • Will you have stylists on your day? Will there be assistants?
  • Will your stylist work on location or in salon?

Be confident that your memories will be captured perfectly


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