Best Wedding Advice – Part 2

Best Wedding Advice – Part 2

Last week I posted about the best wedding advice that I have heard in all my weddings.  This week is part 2 of 3 of the follow up to that advice.

The advice was that from the beginning of the rehearsal forward, there were to be no more questions for the bride and groom.

But there will be questions!


Those participating and attending the wedding will inevitably have questions!  Who is taking down the pew decorations?  Who is lighting the candles on the reception tables?  Who is taking the couples bags to the car?  Who is handing out the flowers?  When will family photos be held?  Where are the rings?

So if we as participants (and sometimes guests) have questions, what are we to do?  The answer is that the bride and groom should have a plan before time and have people in charge of handling all the minute details of the day.  Often times this is called the Master and Mistress of ceremonies or it can be done by a  wedding planner (more on that later).

The Good

A good master of mistress of ceremonies will direct your entire day!  From the arrival of the groom to the location and keeping him from seeing the bride before the time, to organizing the final wrap up of the reception.  This is HUGE task!  So if you go this route, you need people that are well-organized, good communicators and dedicated to the job.  Yes, it’s a JOB!  It is not just a title you throw on someone and hope they figure it out.  They know who is starting the popcorn machine or will find someone to do it if that hasn’t been assigned.  They will run interference for the bride and groom so they can just go about their day enjoying a flawless event without being bothered by the little snags along the way.

The Bad

All to often what happens though, is that the master and mistress of ceremonies just take care of the ceremony.  This is fine if that is the plan.  But all too often I have seen that there was clearly and expectation of the bride and groom that they would continue facilitating through the reception but the master and mistress of ceremonies believe their “job” is done once dinner is served.  From there a tad bit of chaos ensues!  When to cut the cake?  When are the speeches?  The DJ has to run to bride and groom with several questions. And on and on…

An Agenda is Needed

During the planning process it is very common to think of all the aesthetics but forget the agenda.  Bride’s know their colors, centerpieces, food choices, etc.  But when it comes to the flow of things, the plan usually gets pretty confused.  My next post will address this in Part 3 of Best Wedding Advice.  Stay tuned….

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